When we arrived in the village, I built this site to share images of the local area, as I have an interest in website building. In time, the blog developed to discus all things Stubton. Of course there are areas that are covered better by others which I have left alone, such as the Village Hall and upcoming functions. The Parish Council, now have their own site courtesy of LLC, I had the opportunity to add a little more content. Unfortunately, LLC do not like PDF files, so the documents are being changed from PDF into WCAG readable documents, bizarre – but there you are! 🙂

So where do I develop this site into, fact is – apart from local history, there is not many ways it can go? The village is very pro-active and should you wish to get involved in activities there are numerous openings. Just be careful not to antagonise the old guard. 🙂

Today, my intention is to amalgamate some the content of this site into my own at some point. However, this site will continue, with images, history, factual posts and news from SKDC that I believe are relevant.

Totally unrelated are the images of Lockheed TriStars K1’s from GW 1. The middle depicts the date when photographed on the ground at Riyadh, in-between Scud attacks.

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