Minutes from 23 February SPC Meeting!

Draft Minutes of the 23rd February SPC meeting.

Really pleased that residents gave positive feedback to the Parish Council, I can count myself as one of those in the correspondence list, congratulating the council. It would also seem that there are two people who have been singled out as complainers.

Well it won’t come as any surprise to know that I am one of those. I think who ever described them as a complaint, need to understand what the word means, “a statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable”. Guess, someone needs to go back to school.

There is an item that mentions an auto-responder, this is an incorrect terminology (it was an email sent from the Stubton Parish Council website at 11pm everyday that listed any broken links). The email was becoming a pain and I therefore requested its removal, which I am sure any sane person would. This was not a complaint, but a request, to the Clerk!

The automated email was setup during the management of the PC website in mid-2022. I made a request to the PC that the automation should be deleted. My initial request was not actioned and I therefore sent a further request as the mails continued. This is logged twice as complaint not a request, how very bizarre and totally incorrect. Whether the PC approve or disapprove of my comments, this way of conducting business is very unprofessional, but we are a small village……….and I guess there is no rule book! 😂

Furthermore, these minuted items of complaint were not read out at the meeting and therefore the minutes are not a true reflection of the SPC meeting? If anyone wants to see an accurate record of the meeting, watch the YouTube video.