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The name Stubton originates from Old English: Stubb ton, a farmstead where there are tree stumps. It appears in Domesday Book under the name of Stobetun/Stubetune. At that time, there were 30 households, which was then considered quite a large settlement. In 1086 the Lord and tenant-in-chief was Norman d’Arcy. Records indicate that the landscape consisted of a mix of smallholdings, ploughed land and meadow.

Today, Stubton has 179 villagers, occupying 77 households.

A team from the village was responsible for initiating and overseeing the construction of a new Village Hall in 2000, with considerable help from the millennium lottery fund which also made a significant contribution to major repairs to the church tower in 2010.

The local community gave generously and helped with local fundraising. Other important contributors were: National Churches Trust, Marshalls Charity, Lincolnshire Old Churches Trust and Allchurches Trust

In 2011, St Martin’s churchyard was cleared with volunteer help. There is always a good turnout for the frequent litter picks to keep verges and hedgerows clear. Stubton has won the Lincolnshire Best Kept Village four times, most recently in 2021.

The above was taken from the brilliant NDP Plan.

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