S21/1333 – Home Farm Cottage Planning Revision

Planning application – s21/1333 – Proposal: Section 73 application to vary Condition 2 (approved plans) of S20/2145 (Replacement of existing dwelling and series of outbuilding structures with a new family home) for changes to garage design including infill connection to the main house. APPROVED.

EDIT – 18 October 2022 – Garage is being built after the appeal refusal.

Application Form: Application Form – 1948151
Existing Site Location: Existing Site Location – 1948147
Existing Site Plan: Existing Site Plan – 1948143
Highways / Suds: Highways / Suds – 1950724
Proposed Elevation Plan: Proposed Elevation Plan – 1948145
Proposed Ground and First Floor Plan: Proposed Ground and First Floor Plan – 1948146
Proposed Site Plan: Proposed Site Plan – 1948144
Parish Council Comments: Parish Council Comments – PC-1953755