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Councils must publish the draft minutes from all formal meetings (i.e. full council, committee and sub-committee meetings) not later than one month after the meeting has taken place. Even if the minutes have not been finalised the draft minutes should be published. Councils must also publish meeting agendas, which are as full and informative as possible, and associated papers not later than three clear days before the meeting is taking place.

The extract below is from guidance issued by a LC.

Parish councils can be liable for defamation cases caused by the contents of their minutes. Comments made by parishioners should be recorded very generally (e.g. “a parishioner raised an issue regarding planning enforcement in relation to an unauthorised development in the parish” rather than “Mrs Smith said that Mr Jones’ extension was illegal and was another example of his antisocial behaviour in the village, and that she’d heard he was about to start work on another one of his rental properties, and she was sure he didn’t declare his income on any of them anyway”……a real example!).

For the same reason, and many many others, minutes should be a record of decisions made and little else. They should never be a verbatim record of what individual cllrs have said, and rarely is it necessary to record details of debate (examples of when it would be material to do so would be in evidencing that appropriate advice had been considered, or risks assessed in relation to decisions).

There is no such thing as confidential minutes, ALL decisions taken in council meetings MUST by law be recorded.

The source for all Agendas/Minutes is SPC.

Agenda 2023Minutes 2023Youtube Minutes 2023
15th March 202315th March 2023 – Draft MinutesNA
23rd February 202323rd February 2023 – Draft Minutes23rd February 2023 (YouTube)
18th January 202318 January 2023 Minutes18 January 2023 (YouTube)
Agenda 2023Minutes 2023Youtube Minutes
SPC Minutes / Agenda 2023
Agenda 2022Minutes 2022Youtube Minutes 2022
7 December 20227 December 2022 Minutes (not the PC version)7 December 2022 (YouTube)
17 August 202217 August 2022 Draft MinutesNA
4 July 20224 July 2022 MinutesNA
15 June 202215 June 2022 (Cancelled)NA
21 April 202221 April 2022 Minutes (APM)NA
21 April 202221 April 2022 Minutes (Annual Meeting of the Parish CouncilNA
28 February 202228 February 2022 MinutesNA
28 Feb 2022 – Appendix 1NA
28 Feb 2022 – Appendix 2NA
28 Feb 2022 – Appendix 3NA
28 Feb 2022 – Appendix 4NA
28 Feb 2022 – Appendix 5NA
6 January 2022 MinutesNA
Agenda 2022Minutes 2022Youtube Minutes 2022
SPC Minutes / Agenda 2022

Recording of Parish Council Meetings!

It’s worth reading the following website pages, which explains the Government guidance:

  • The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 – Click Link
  • Openness and Accountability – Ask Your Council – Click Link

Most councils and ALC’s interpret the above as being able to video, photograph or audio record the whole meeting without notifying the council. Of course, it is polite and sensible to notify the council beforehand that recording of some kind will take place. Hopefully, SPC will have a draft policy in place which outlines their position of making Public Forum exempt from being recorded before the next meeting.

OFF TOPIC: The Council must have Publication Scheme and a Procedure for Handling Complaints as per NALC guidance (page 70 of Local Councils Explained) to be published.

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