According to the last Parish Council meeting the Village Precept per household is staying the same.

Therefore £1400 is the precept, which means a Band D property pays £17.73 p.a or £1.47 per month. A 5% increase would have been 7p per month.

The reason given, is that the balance at hand is equal to two years precept plus. That is a fair and reasonable comment, which I am sure many villagers will agree with. Unfortunately, during this financial year, the Parish Clerk was not paid by choice and the proposed Village Sign was not procured, which resulted in virtually no spend, apart from the refurb of the Telephone Box (circa £400).

In May 2023, there will be an election that will cost circa £1000 to host for example.

In the short term there is no reason to increase the precept, but with inflation running at over 10%, a minimum request should have been made, if only to protect future councils budgets. Future spends will be for signage (as per Minutes in 2022), Clerks Salary, an Election and maybe unforeseen expenses such as cutting grass when the volunteers that cut today cannot for any reason.

I believe this is an opportunity that has been missed. A precept rise at least in line with SKDC’s annual rise should have been requested in my opinion. The positive is that I can now afford an extra packet of wine gums every year. 🙂

Below are the proposals from SKDC for 2023/2024 and they are also requesting your input.

South Kesteven District Council is asking residents and businesses for feedback on Council Tax proposals for 2023/24.

The consultation runs for two weeks from today (Monday 16 January) and asks for views on a proposal to increase SKDC’s element of Council Tax by £5 for properties in Band D for the 2023/24 financial year, as well as feedback on spending priorities. This equates to an increase of 9.6p per week.

The increase for households in Bands A, B and C would be less than £5 (6.4p extra per week for a property in Band A), while those in Bands E, F, G and H would see an average increase of more than £5 – but no more than £10.

The survey includes updates on projects SKDC has been working on in each of its priority areas – growth and the economy, housing, healthy and strong communities, the environment and performance.

It also illustrates how only nine pence from every pound goes towards paying for the 100-plus services provided by the district council. The remainder is passed onto Lincolnshire County Council and the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, as SKDC has the responsibility of collecting it on their behalf. A small proportion is also passed onto town and parish councils to fund services provided at a very local level.

Cllr Adam Stokes, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Finance and Leisure, said: “In common with many other organisations, the Council is preparing its budget for 2023/24 against a backdrop of high energy costs and significant inflationary pressures.

“We remain ambitious however and are confident that by doing all we can to reduce costs and attract funding from other sources, we can balance our books.

“An increase of £5 per Band D property in SKDC’s element of Council Tax for the 2023/24 financial year will help to generate around ££250,000 of additional income.

“This contribution will help to sustain day-to-day services such as refuse collection, street cleaning and CCTV, as well as offset the costs of longer-term projects across the district.

“These include providing opportunities for growth, improving local neighbourhoods and town centres, focusing on initiatives that target homelessness, and supporting local businesses through the administration of a business rate relief scheme.

“It is really important that local communities use this opportunity to have their say on the level of funding available. Please spare us a few moments to tell us what you think.”

SKDC will make a decision on the proposal to increase its element of Council Tax by £5 per Band D property for 2023/24 on 1 March 2023.

The survey can be completed here: