During the past year more residents joined SKDC’s green waste collection scheme than ever before. SKDC Link

Image from Lincolnite.

The Council will take your garden waste away to save you the time and trouble of trips to the tip or messing up your car with bags of garden waste – for just £2.13* per collection.

The council has had an extra 650 bins delivered for the new season, so we are ready for all our new members. Fortnightly collections for the 2023/2024 Garden Waste Collection Service scheme start on Monday April 3rd, which means it is almost time to renew your membership.

Scheme members will shortly be contacted to remind them how to take advantage of the service once again, an opportunity also available to new members.

Cllr Mark Whittington, SKDC Cabinet Member for Waste Services and Climate Change, said: “The fact that so many of our residents continue to use the service just goes to show how people value what we do and what good value for money it is.

“More than 31,000 households benefited from having their garden waste collected rather than having to make trips to their local household waste recycling centre.

“With 23 collections per year, each bin collection costs just £2.13. The 2023/24 price has been carefully calculated to take account of anticipated customer take-up and increased operating costs, such as fuel, tyres, vehicle maintenance and staffing.

“We know a price increase is never welcome news, but costs are rising for all organisations and the council is no exception. The revised fees are reasonable in terms of cover the costs of continuing to deliver it given the financial pressures we face. As a discretionary service which residents choose themselves whether to subscribe to, it is essential that SKDC’s Garden Waste service offsets costs without the need for general taxation on all residents.

“Whilst everyone has the choice about joining our garden waste service, we would encourage anyone not in the scheme to be responsible with their garden waste. You can recycle it at your local waste and recycling centre or alternatively compost it.”

Customers will be able to renew or register from Monday, 6 February, paying by card or direct debit at southkesteven.gov.uk/greenbin   

A green bin sticker and a new bin for new customers will be delivered in time for the start of the new collection year which begins on 3 April, so remember to put your sticker on your bin as soon as you receive it.

Don’t worry if you haven’t received it by 3 April as we will still empty your bin if you have paid to join or re-join the scheme.