S13/2699 – Rural Economies and Voters Oppose Loveden Turbines (reVOLT)

Planning application – s13/2699

Proposal: Five wind turbines each with a maximum height from base to blade tip of 126.5m (& transformer enclosures if necessary); New vehicular access together with new & upgraded access track including turning heads, laydown areas, crane pads, & two watercourse crossings; new control building (size:20m long x 7.5m wide x 5.5m high) & compound & electrical infrastructure. Permanent anemometer mast; Temporary anemometer mast (during construction), Temporary construction compound.

This is a fascinating planning application where Parish Councils, Individuals and Commercial enterprises fought off RWE turbines planning application at Loveden  which would have been completely out of place. The size of the turbines at 400′ tall wold have been a blot on the landscape and been a severe environmental catastrophe.

Check out this link to see the mass of documents opposing RWE turbines planning application at Loveden. Below are three examples of the many files, including a  superb objection statement from reVOLT..

reVOLT 2
reVOLT objection
RWE Access Statement