SKDC Local Plan

Adoption of the South Kesteven Local Plan

The South Kesteven Local Plan sets out the vision, objectives, spatial strategy and policies for the future development of the district.  It also identifies land and allocates sites for different types of development, such as housing and employment, to deliver the planned growth for South Kesteven 2036.

The Local Plan was the subject of an independent examination by Inspector David Spencer from the Planning Inspectorate.   The recommendations of the Inspector, and reasons, are published in the form of an Inspector’s Report under section 20(8) of the Act.

The adopted version of the Local Plan incorporates main modifications recommended by the Inspector plus additional modifications (which do not materially affect the policies of the Local Plan) made by the Council.

The adopted Local Plan and accompanying documents can be viewed here. The amount of documentation produced and input are immense.

Here is the overall plan:

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