Neighbourhood Development Plan

Below is the information extracted from South Kesteven County Council Archive. Stubton Parish Council submitted its proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan to us in August 2014. In accordance with the amended Town and Country Planning Act 1990, we have made an initial assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan and the supporting documents and are satisfied that these comply with the specified criteria.Decision Report [2Mb]​


Colin Blundel BSc (Hons) MSc DipTP MRTPI was, with the agreement of Stubton Parish Council, appointed as the independent examiner for the Stubton Neighbourhood Plan. We received his report on the Stubton Neighbourhood Plan on 13 January 2015. The examiner’s report can be viewed/downloaded below.  The report explores the issues raised through the representations received on the plan submitted for examination. The examiner concluded that the plan and its policies, if modified in accordance with the recommendations set out in his report, met the “basic conditions” and other legal requirements. Consequently he recommended to us that the Stubton Neighbourhood Plan should, subject to the modifications, be submitted to referendum. He also recommended that the referendum should be based on the neighbourhood area covered by the plan.Our Executive considered the examiner’s report and decided to proceed to a referendum on the basis of the examiner’s recommendations.

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