Village Spring Clean – 12th March 2023

Below is an extract from the Draft Minutes of the February SPC Meeting.

Residents wanting to take part should meet at village hall at 2pm. It has been proposed that work around the village will take place over the following hour, meeting back at the hall for much needed tea, coffee, and cake. The Chair has kindly bought and donated the bags and PPE at no cost to the council.

As mentioned during the maintenance of assets, general maintenance including wiping and strimming of speed gates at the entrance of the village have been proposed for this day, this also includes cleaning of flagpole and bus shelter.

SPC Minutes

NB: The village gates were painted last year except Claypole Road (vegetation was removed however). The remaining paint was returned to Mr Dorrity after painting Fenton Road and Doddington Lane speed gates. The Brandon Road gates were painted by others.

The village already looks fantastic, except for the verges that have been driven on during the wet weather. Could do with some kerb stones in appropriate areas.

EDIT (13 March 2023): The event has taken place, thankfully the village is already in good shape and very little cleaning was clearly required, I am sure this will change once the growing season starts. All of the arterial roads had been litter picked by others and the majority of residents maintain the village to a fantastic standard without being coerced.