Flowers of Stubton

Updated: 14 June 2024

Over the last 5 years Stubton has had some beautiful flower displays, specifically in the central part of the village. This years Summer flowers are not as beautiful as those in previous years, but still remain attractive. I am sure you will agree, that the Spring daffodils in all parts of the village did look absolutely stunning.

The communal grass areas, are always maintained to an immaculate standard, thanks to some pro-active residents. Noting that the crossroads area on all sides always looks immaculate.

Furthermore, residents take pride in their gardens and their associated grass verges, which makes for a very presentable village and which explains why it has won the “Best Kept Village” competition numerous times.

This year the growth of everything has been exceptional, you only have to look around the gates. In the areas that have not been strimmed the grass is exceptionally long. I can only imagine that hay crops will be especially productive.

Images taken 14 June 2024 after “HW” weeded the Crossroads beds!

Below are previous year’s images.