Doddington Lane Floods

Margaret Flint contacted the Enforcement Officer for “Witham & Humber Drainage Board” in attempt to fix the terrible flooding problem on Doddington Lane that has affected the road since October 2023 (and the year before). Margaret also contacted Cllr Alexander Maughan who advised her it was the responsibility of the adjacent land owners to solve the problem (as did the enforcement officer – see leaflets below).

The Enforcement Officer arranged to see Margaret to examine the problem during a site visit in December 2023. Since then Margaret has kept her abreast of the latest situation (which as we all know intensified in late December/January).

During the December, visit Margaret escorted Sandra Neil (EO) to the site to brief her of the situation, unfortunately while they began their discussion they were rudely interrupted by two councillors. The EO politely listened to their discussion, while Margaret refrained from an interruption.

The EO visited the site again on the 18th January and liaised with Margaret after meeting with others. The EO has now written to the land owners with possible solutions, which should see action within a reasonable time.

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