Gates of Stubton

EDIT (4 July 2024): Brandon and Claypole gates are looking great after their refurbishment.

EDIT (17 June 2024): It was agreed at the Council meeting on the 17 June that the gates would be painted by 4 gangs of volunteers, starting with Claypole Road (paint has been bought by the Parish Council).

Posted 5 June: We strimmed the “Gates of Stubton” situated on the 4 corners of the village (instead of just the usual Fenton Road). The vegetation growth this year has been truly amazing!

This was our observation of the gates for what it’s worth:

  • Fenton Road – in good condition. Do not need painting. However, will volunteer to give them a quick spruce up.
  • Brandon Road – in average condition. Would benefit for being painted, but if this is a problem they will survive another year.
  • Doddington Lane – in poor condition. Something has hit the gate post again (see picture above). They require urgent repair and repaint.
  • Claypole Road – in poor condition. Require painting urgently. They may benefit from a wash in the meantime (we washed Fenton and Brandon Rd gates earlier in the year).

Shame the gates are not plastic, which would avoid the maintenance requirement.

Hope the information is useful to those whose responsibility it is to maintain the gates (info has been emailed to the Parish Clerk by Max).