Mallard Pass – Solar Farm

This project is absolutely frightening. I know it’s not adjacent to Stubton, but we know that pressures from the Greens will emerge in the not too distant future for Wind Farms and Solar Farms.

Mallard Pass covers over 2500 acres and is the size of over 1300 Football pitches and must be stopped, if only to preserve good arable farm land.

We cannot allow our beautiful country to be desecrated by Chinese panels manufactured using Uyghur slave labour to destroy our country. Instead of these we need farmers to be paid correctly and produce food on this land rather than import very expensive food. Plus what happens once these cheap panels are lifex in the not too distant future – we will need a huge hole to bury them in. Also, the once fertile farm land is destroyed. None of this makes ecological sense.

Why not purchase Rolls Royce mini reactors instead. 

Check out this website for the shocking truth on how Stamford and Ryhall will be scarred for ever.

For full details check out this website. Mallard Pass Action Group