Right Thing, Right Bin for recycling in South Kesteven

Source: SKDC – 6 June 2024

Separate paper and card recycling collection using the new purple lid bins across South Kesteven has been a huge success.

And the Council is working hard to match this success with the rest of its household recycling in the silver bins for dry, clean recycling.

The Council listened to feedback to understand that some residents need more help to get the Right Thing in the Right Bin, and has been supporting householders through advisory tags, leaflets, phone and email support, online information and social media posts.

This has resulted in SKDC’s waste team seeing an improvement in the quality of what people are putting into their silver recycling bin.

Deputy Chief Executive Richard Wyles said: “We thank everyone who has been carefully sorting their recycling; this co-operation is helping us get to a position where we can recycle as much as we possibly can from what is put in the bins.

“June collections, in the week beginning Monday 10th, may be rejected where bins contain non-recyclables.

“Residents will see additional staff supporting bin crews on their rounds to leave a helpful tag when items have been incorrectly left in the silver recycling bin to clearly explain what can and can’t be in there.

“Paper and card, and soft plastics including bin bags, plastic carrier bags, clingfilm and crisp packets, are the most common items incorrectly left in the silver bin.

“Please talk to our staff if your bin is tagged – or if you have any waste or recycling questions that need answering. They are all well-briefed and have leaflets available if required.”

SKDC will also collecting bin data to understand what residents still find puzzling – and where it can help further.

The Council continues to work directly with those residents without bins who use sack collections, and those who use bins in communal areas.

SKDC will not take side waste left next to any colour household bin.

Here are some handy online reference points for those still unsure:


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