Stubton Rambling

There are a few paths around Stubton that are worth your while “rambling” on. They are mostly public rights of way, but some are permissive (courtesy of Dyson Farms). More details of Rights of Way are here.

There is a very useful map here showing various footpaths available to you. My wife has been very proactive in asking LCC to fit Kissing Gates on the Stubton – Claypole footpath and she also has asked Dave Parker (Farm Manager – Dysons) to cut the grass in May of this year. He explained that the ground was too wet in May and that he didn’t want to disturb nesting birds and would review the situation in June.

This he has done for the Northern paths (Fenton to the Brandon Shoot). They also ensured that paths through fields were made available by spraying the public right of way. Which is something we all appreciate from our local farmers.

EDIT (19 June 2024): The Parish Council have also contacted Dyson to cut the footpath to Birch Pond.

Here are a few examples of walks I have done – all recorded using a Garmin product. There are so many different walks that can be rambled, my tendency is Stubton – Fenton – Brandon Shoot – back to Fenton Road (4.2 miles), I tend to do this on average twice a week..

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