Street lights – by the numbers

Information from LCC – 7th November 2023

68,900 – that’s the total number of streetlights operated by Lincolnshire County Council

45,060 – the amount of streetlights that are LED

18,160 – the amount of streetlights that are dimming units

46,000 – the amount of streetlights that are ‘Part Night’

LCC’s street light energy consumption tells a fascinating story about big improvements that have been made to the roadside network, but to get the full picture you have to go back a few years – specifically to 2016 when the authority started its Streetlighting Transformation Project.

This was a county-wide initiative to replace and upgrade streetlights from conventional lamps and all-night operation to LED lamps, dimming units and part-night operation. The idea was to save energy consumption and money. And it really worked.

In terms of energy, using conventional ‘old style’ lamps and all-night operation saw the county use 24.3million kWhrs  in 2016.

Compare that to using LED lamps, dimming units and part-night operation and that amount dropped dramatically to 9.5million kWhrs across the last 12 months. That’s a massive 61% cut in energy needs.

And the numbers keep improving around carbon emissions, too. 2016 saw 12,070 tonnes of carbon emissions from the streetlight operation alone whilst the last 12 months slashed that number down to 2,190 tonnes – that’s an 82% reduction.

Looking at cost, it’s an even better story. In 2016 LCC spent £2.59million on streetlight energy. So far the past 12 months have cost LCC £3.22million – BUT – to get the real story you have to factor in the actual cost of the energy today compared to what it cost seven years ago.

So, if LCC was still using the 24.3million kWhrs it was in 2016, then the annual charge at 2023 prices would now be OVER £13.2million. And that’s not a year’s figure yet either, because there’s still a considerable chunk of the year to go.

That’s another huge saving and testament to forward planning with the 2016 Streetlight Transformation Project.