17th June – Annual Meeting of the PC

  • Time: 19:00
  • Where: Village Hall, Fenton Road

The complete agenda is located in the Parish Council noticeboard located in the Village Bus Shelter (FYI: Parish Council website does not list the Agenda as of 13 June 2024).

Couple of Points: it is unclear who wrote the Agenda, and it is not signed?

The meeting has the following Agenda item, written in such a way that makes you believe a decision has already been made by the originator of the document. Normally, it would be DISCUS or REVIEW.

6.5 Annual Review of Flag Flying in Stubton.

Parish Council Agenda

I am confident that they will consider the comprehensive survey results presented to them before making a decision. See link below to factual email from Lynn Crooks.

I am sure our new councillors understand their responsibilities to represent the village and have read the Seven Nolan Principles.

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