Council Street Furniture

The following items are those that fall under the Parish Councils responsibility for maintenance:

Benches (location)

  • Crossroads (adjacent to Flag Pole).
  • Cherry Lane.
  • St Martin’s Church carpark.

Entrance Gates (location)

  • Doddington Lane
  • Claypole Road
  • Brandon Road
  • Fenton Road

Waste Bins

  • Bus Shelter Bin
  • St Martin’s Bin

Bus Shelter

  • Plus Noticeboards
Bus Shelter

BT Phone Box

  • Contains Defibrillator
Phone Box

Flag Pole

  • Flag Pole & Flags
Flag Pole

NB: All of the above street furniture is located on Public Ground (mainly Highways and not the PC directly).

Gates of Stubton

Benches of Stubton

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