Litter & Fly Tipping

I know this is not about Stubton. Just want to bring to everyone’s attention the amount of litter we have to tolerate. 

Today, I collected 5 bags of detritus at the A17 junction (Stragglethorpe Road), I didn’t pick the whole road, just the worst section. Then I popped down to the other end of Stragglethorpe Road (A1 junction). This site was horrendous. Only managed one side (Esso side) and about 13 bags plus other stuff. SKDC are great in their actions to collect the Orange bags, as long as you tell them.

Then there was the most alarming fly-tip as you leave Brandon on the Stragglethorpe Road. Looks like a whole lorry load, I have already reported it. I find this extremely depressing.

Plan to revisit the A1 junction (Esso garage) and the Balderton RAF Memorial, which so far has given-up 18 bags of human shame. Just a shame all the local villagers don’t have a proper litter-pick team.

Final foot note, when people stop to talk, they are 1) gob smacked that someone would do this and 2) can’t believe I don’t get paid for it.

EDIT (1 February 2024): 5 bags deposited for collection in Stubton from Stragglethorpe Road.

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