NDP Revisions!

Penny Milne (South Kesteven District Councillor at the Stubton Parish Council meeting) updated the village tonight with the SKDC Local Plan, regarding house construction. SKDC must have a 7 year supply of land to build 700 house per year. She outlined that they have just over 5 years supply at the moment.

Link to the SKDC Local Plan 2011 – 2036

Penny was also concerned that Stubton’s Neighbourhood Development Plan needs updating regarding SP3 and SP4 as a matter of urgency. In fact she has said the same for the last 2/3 years. Her concern is that there are loop holes in the plan that could make development on the edge of our village an easier proposition for developers.

This loophole needs closing as a matter of urgency, it costs nothing to achieve this, as a grant can be applied for and a professional can be engaged to do the revised plan. There are procedures to follow once revised, but if there is a will, it can be done ASAP!

I am assuming that those who were involved steering the writer of the original plan will be doing the same again, or so it appeared from the positive interactions at the PC meeting (17 June).

  • SP3 is infill development.
  • SP4 is edge of village development.
  • SP5 is development in open countryside.

NDP – dated 2015 (which needs updating)


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